Alan has degrees in Medical Bacteriology, Mathematics and an MBA from UCLA and has published extensively in Europe and the USA in the field of Data Analytics. He has been consistently named in the 50 most influential people in data in the UK.

Since being made redundant in 1992 Alan has founded and sold 5 companies in the fields as diverse as Data Analytics, online Property Portal and Printing.

His latest venture i-snapshot was started following an analytics project in late 2006, Alan was asked by the client to apply the same quantitative approach to improving field sales performance. After investigating the ‘likely solutions’ such as sfa/crm tools Alan found that nothing existed to answer the ‘Sales Management’ question, the client offered to assist in the development of a solution.

Alan and his team went back to basics to define ‘Sales Management’, what data would be required to ‘do it’ and how the data could be easily and effectively collected from the field. The team worked with a small group of clients building and testing Sales Management models which delivered increase in productivity of at least 25%.

i-snapshot was built and developed as a SAAS solution and launched in 2007 now operating in 8 countries, and has analysed data on 4 million field sales visits.