RSP LogoNobody can build a community, but we can do our best to provide support and resources to help one flourish  We’ve created events like Startup Beers, making Sendgrid part of the North East developer scene, and the likes of Lean North East, Design Interest and Sparks NE have all benefited from ignite100 providing venue space or covering event costs.

We’d like to go one step further. So today, in association with our colleagues at Rackspace, we’re proud to announce the creation of the ignite100 Community Fund, a pot of money that organisers in North East England can access to ensure developers, designers and founders continue to enjoy a variety of startup-related events.

How does it work in practice? From 1st September, if you need assistance with travel or accommodation costs for a guest speaker, if you need a small amount of sponsorship to cover costs for a meetup – and if all other means of meeting those costs have been exhausted – we’ll do our best to help. We can’t promise to meet every request and our funds are limited, but we’ll initially consider requests of up to £125 (enough to cover return rail travel from London, for example). All we’d ask in return is an acknowledgement – a link on a page, a tweet or two, whatever. Nothing big or fancy required.

To find out more, get in touch with Lyndsey, our operations manager at