Aside from providing a roof over teams during the ignite100 accelerator, the Loft on Westgate Road in Newcastle is home to a dozen startups all year round.

Joining a community of like-minded entrepreneurs is just about the best thing a startup can do. Our founders support one another as a matter of routine; if you hit a stumbling block, need to brainstorm a problem or can’t find a resource you’re looking for, chances are there’s somebody within shouting distance who’s keen to help.

We currently have space for new additions to the Loft; teams of three or four, smaller teams and individuals. We offer desks per person for a low monthly fee which includes all the caffeine, wifi and table tennis you can cram in.

We’re keen to ensure we maintain the right environment, so don’t worry if we ask for a chat before accepting new tenants. Those who’ll get most out of basing themselves here are startups, but we’ll also consider freelance developers and designers.

If you’re interested in joining our community, get in touch with Lyndsey at