I don’t know how many times I’ve heard from people that this year’s line-up of teams is the strongest, most impressive they’ve seen produced by an accelerator programme.

Actually, I do. Five times. Three times from angel investors, twice from experienced mentors.

What does that mean? Well, nothing quite so lofty. It’s all subjective opinion, and unless those commenters have seen every team in every programme then it doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

It’s great to hear, though, and it’s validation that ignite100 is making progress in establishing itself and is standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the best of Europe’s programmes.

After 13 weeks of pain and pressure, revelations and insight, the teams delivered near-flawless demo days in Newcastle and London. If you’d like a summary of the London event, our alumni team Odimax put together a fantastic Storify page. James Parton from Twilio also shared an in-depth round-up of each team’s pitch.

Some will fall along the way, some will prosper, and I suspect one or two will go supernova – but ignite100 is all about the journey, and it’s been a privilege to take the first few steps with this insanely talented group of people.