In recent months, Sendgrid has become a loyal supporter of the North East tech sector. Evangelist Martyn Davies helped us launch a new social event for the region’s startup community, and has spent time delivering hands-on support for Sendgrid’s services to businesses.

Today we’re delighted to announce a further partnership with ignite100 and Betarocket. Martyn will be working with us on a number of initiatives and events throughout the programme, several of which we will benefit the region’s startup and developer community.

From August, Sendgrid will also sponsor the region’s flagship startup and technology blog, Betarocket, edited by the Journal’s former Science and Technology editor John Hill. John has done an amazing job of covering the region’s startup scene without bias, and will continue to deliver in-depth coverage of our evolving startup community.

Thanks again to Martyn and to Sendgrid for supporting the programme, and North East England. It’s a pleasure to work with a team producing great product, and who roll up their sleeves to help others do the same.